A Hugging Robot?

My friend Alexis Block has invented HuggieBot, a robot that hugs! She’s allowed me to take a peek into her life to tell the story of how she faced bullying, gender stereotypes and overcame extreme heartache to take top honors in the field of  (HRI) human-robot interaction.

Lexi has always loved being a ballerina and building forts. Her tinkering with toys blossomed into winning science fair projects and Battlebot competition awards. Going through a difficult time while at college far from home, the craving for comfort from loved ones sparked the idea to invent a hugging robot.

She is currently a doctoral fellow with the Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems in Zurich, Switzerland working to make her robot even better. HuggieBot 2.0 will have a computer screen for a face and will be able to show a picture or streaming video of a family member.

…stay tuned for more of the story!

HuggieBot 2.0.png

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