About Me

Some might say I’m a classic Gemini, the sign of the zodiac represented by a pair of twins. We’re happiest when with others, born with a desire to experience everything there is out in the world. We’ve got the gift of gab, are creative and have an aversion to the nine-to-five.

I’m an author and write in variety of genres, but my passion is kid’s literature. You’ll meet strong female characters in my fiction and true life stories, many of them nature-girls like me. Membership in the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) keeps me connected to an international writing community and my critique group friends at Red Oak Writing help me hone my craft and are an invaluable support system.

I’ve turned my love of the out-doors into real life adventures working as an eco-volunteer in exotic locations across the globe. And, if you get me started talking about endangered sea turtles…well, I hope you have some time to sit and chat.

Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood is the place I call home. I’m the mum of two grown children and part-time dog owner of Fig, the Schnoodle.


Feel free to contact me. I’d like to be able to respond to your comments, so please include your email address.


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