Talkin’ Sea Turtles on Riverwest Radio

You’ve come to the right place to learn more about sea turtles. I love talking about my eco-volunteer research expeditions and you can listen to my recent radio interview to hear about these experiences. If you’re interested in having me make a presentation at your school, library or other organization, send me a message on my “Speaking Engagements” or “About Me” page.

Riverwest Radio   Storefront community radio in Milwaukee, WI that provides a platform for education, advocacy and creativity.

Earthwatch Institute Non-profit conservation organization working to conserve endangered species, empower local communities and promote ocean health.

Donate to my Earthwatch expedition fund

Sea Turtle Conservancy Non-profit conservation organization founded 60 years ago when ecologist Archie Carr alerted the world to the plight of sea turtles. Supports research projects on the biology and conservation of sea turtles around the world.

Annabelle Brooks – Tracking Sea Turtles in the Bahamas (Facebook)  Lead scientist on my Earthwatch expedition.

Cape Eleuthera Institute & The Island School  CEI: Facility that promotes a connection between people and the environment using a holistic approach to researching island ecosystems, emphasizing collaboration and eduction. The Island School: high school sophomores & juniors learn outside the walls of a classroom, with the ‘zero waste’ campus and surrounding ocean as a laboratory, teaching students how to live sustainably in the 21st century.

Filmed in Tortuguero, Costa Rica, September of 2017

Scientist Nathan Robinson removes a plastic straw from sea turtle’s nostril




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Expedition Photo Gallery

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