Ice Cream Science Sleuth

What flavor is Blue Moon ice cream? Do Holstein cows produce the best milk? How do you become a food scientist? These are just a few of the questions I’ll answer for a story I’m writing about ice cream. I’ve set off across The Dairy State, notebook in hand, ready for my investigation. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

My interview with a food science professor at the University of Wisconsin was a mini lesson in ice cream basics. You have to love chemistry if you’re going to major in dairy science, the best vanilla extract comes from Madagascar, and little foamy air bubbles give ice cream its texture.  My trip to Madison wouldn’t be complete without stopping at the famous Babcock Hall Dairy Store. A two scoop hot fudge sundae, please…Badger blast & orange custard chocolate chip coming right up.

When I talked to several kid connoisseurs about their favorite flavors, cookies and cream, mint chip and good ole’ chocolate and vanilla topped their lists.

A visit to a Fond du lac dairy farm, helped me find out that those black and white spotted Holstein cows really do give ice cream an extra rich consistency. A single scoop of chocolate covered potato chip at the farm’s ice cream shop, was all the proof I needed.

And, of course I wouldn’t be doing my homework justice if I didn’t tell you that the distinctive, not-so-secret fruity flavor in Blue Moon, is a little bit of lemon and a big blast of berry!

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