Kids Stomp out Plastic Pollution

Kids these days…are heroes! Youth activists from around the world attended Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in Vancouver, British Columbia at the end of June and I was there to watch, learn and be inspired.

Pre-teens and high schoolers get training on how to create campaigns to beat plastic pollution. Kids I spoke with come to bootcamp armed with campaigns already up and running, and others show up with the drive and passion to build on an idea and put it into action. Eliminating plastic straws in school cafeterias, hosting beach clean-ups, building school curriculums for teachers to follow to educate students about ocean health, speaking at city council meetings and petitioning lawmakers are just a few examples. For those who aren’t comfortable in the spotlight, many are using art and social media to find their voice.

Kids these days…are voting with their feet. Let’s follow their lead and get moving!

Find out more:

Ocean Heroes Bootcamp


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